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Tubakunde Trust, Tubakunde Project and Excel School

Musanze, Rwanda

Tubakunde Trust
Tubakunde Project
Excel School
Mission Statement
We believe that a safe and loving home, supplied with sufficient food, water, clothing and other basic human needs, is the right of every child and that they should be able to receive an adequate basic education without fear of mental, physical or sexual abuse where ever they live on the planet. It is the belief of the Trustees that this is best, but not exclusively, achieved in a Christian environment.
the relief of poverty and hardship among children and young people living in Sub Saharan Africa and elsewhere by the provision of shelter, food, health, education and other such charitable services as the trustees from time to time deem appropriate.
to advance in life and help young people through:
The sole activity of the Trust is raising and channelling funds (including those from other groups) for the promotion of welfare, health and education of children (particularly vulnerable, abandoned or orphaned children) in Sub-Saharan Africa, specifically those in the care of Tubakunde House and Excel School, currently located in the Musanaze District of Rwanda. Intended use of these funds includes provision of buildings, clothing, food and medical care plus support and education of teachers and carers involved with these children.
Objects of the Trust
The objects of the charity are for the public benefit and are in accordance with the Christian principles as contained in the Statement of Faith:
the provision of recreational and leisure time activities provided in the interest of social welfare, designed to improve their conditions of life;
providing support and activities which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.
How the Trust Operates
The Trust does not, itself, own the buildings or employ the staff, these are Rwandan issues. Supporters from the UK may visit the project and, while there, help with manual tasks, some minor teaching or childcare (according to experience) but this is in a private capacity and not a function of the Trust.
The Trust acts as banker for all groups supporting the Tubakunde Project and Excel School and receives income via standing orders, bequests, individual donations and proceeds of fundraising events such as cake sales and quizzes. It also provides public liability insurance for the various groups and as a registered charity gives authority for some of their activities.
The Trust hopes to be able to bid for funds for projects such as building new classrooms from some of the grant providing organisations in this country, but at present the Trustees are working with Pam Hajnasrollah and Nathan Rulinda, Project Managers in Rwanda, on the production of a business plan and projected costs to present in any such bid. Discussions on this are on-going.
Trustees and Organisational Structure
The trust deed specifies at least three trustees be appointed, each serving for a renewable term of 3 years with no more than two trustees retiring in any one year. Trustees can serve until they either resign or their term ends without renewal. Trustees are unpaid and only claim expenses for occasional course fees etc. The trustees are responsible for setting the strategy and are responsible in law for the running of the Tubakunde Trust.
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