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Tubakunde Trust, Tubakunde Project and Excel School

Musanze, Rwanda

Tubakunde Trust
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To protect the child from anyone who may conceal their true identity or motive in wishing contact with children, the Tubakunde Trust or Excel School will take responsible steps, when necessary, to check the identity of potential sponsors and also the truthfulness of any information given. This may include asking for and taking up references.

In order to protect the child’s right to privacy, you, as sponsor, will agree not to attempt to contact a sponsored child, his or her family or any other person with any relationship to the child in any manner other than those detailed in the sponsorship invitation letter. In particular you will not use online methods such as Facebook and emails, make telephone calls or send texts. You will not visit the child, school or hostel without prior agreement from the Trust and School.

To protect the child from exposure to unsuitable material, you, as sponsor, will agree not to send any mail or packages direct to the child but via the designated contact at the Project, who may open and check the contents.

To protect the child from inappropriate use of their photographs or personal information, you, as sponsor, agree not to copy or reproduce material supplied to you, without advance permission in writing. Profile details supplied to you are intended for your personal information only and are not intended for distribution in any way.

If the Tubakunde Trust or Excel School has reason to believe the above conditions have not been adhered to, or there is perceived to be a risk of any sort to the child, the Trust reserves the right to suspend sponsorship without delay whilst investigation is undertaken. Sponsorship may be reinstated after consultation but the Trust and School will instigate criminal proceedings where necessary.
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