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Let us love them is the meaning of the Kinyarwandan word Tubakunde.
The Tubakunde Project provides loving care, food, medical treatment and a safe environment for young children in Musanze, Rwanda.
The Excel School forms part of this provision.
The aim of the project is to bring children of all backgrounds together creating a positive and balanced environment that will encourage each child to reach their full potential. The intention is to extend the love of Christ to all the children and their families bringing love and hope to the people in the community.
The Tubakunde Trust is a charity in England. Its purpose is to raise funds to support the work of the Tubakunde Project and Excel School.

Let Us Love Them

The children's hopes and dreams for the future depend on our prayer and financial support today.
The new school building February 2016
The new school building
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Dear Friends,

Thank you for the support which you continue to give to The Tubakunde Trust and Pam.

The Trustees knew that when Pam returned to the United Kingdom to get married to John we would need to seek God’s ongoing purpose for the Trust. Our thoughts were around how our commitment to Excel School might change with Pam’s return to the UK and the removal of her ‘hands on’ day to day guidance and control of finance.

What we did not have on our agenda was how a world-wide virus would influence those considerations.

Pam left Rwanda on 16 March and Excel School closed on the same day and currently the re-opening date is scheduled for September 2020.

I am writing to you now to outline the thoughts of the Trustees, for the short term at least.Your graciousness in continuing to give on a regular basis has resulted in an accumulation of funds which at this time it would be very poor Christian Stewardship for the Trustees to leave sitting in a British bank account.

Both Pam and the Trustees are aware of vital life preserving needs in Rwanda at the present time, brought about directly by the effect of the Covid-19 infection in the region.

Firstly, Pam’s home Church in Rwanda is seeking to provide a food programme for many destitute people in its local area. The local Church will probably be helping the Excel School children, their families and teachers among the local community. Secondly, through one of the Tubakunde Trustees we are in contact with Charles Semwaga, an ordained Pentecostal Minister,who is also seeking to provide a food programme in an area near the capital.

The Trustees feel that some funds from the Trust account should be made available to these two Projects as quickly as possible. The terms of our Trust Deed are broad enough to allow us to fulfil this commitment.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of our decision. We hope that you will be happy for your donations to be used in this way.

God bless you, and give you His protection.

Malcolm Claridge
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