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Here are some ideas among many others which we would like to incorporate in a five year plan we will be producing to direct and inform fundraising. Some are relatively easily achievable, some may prove to be 'pipe dreams', but nothing can be done without financial support from our donors.

New Classrooms And Offices – Site Extension

There is need for more hostel accommodation and we would like this to be on our own site rather than in rented buildings at a distance from the school. We also need a ‘place to stay’ for individuals or groups coming to work for us, more storage space and a room able to accommodate a large table and chairs for meetings.

When we started Tubakunde Project in 2007 we were still renovating the house and there we had an office. When the renovation work was complete, the Business Manager and the Project Manager had an office each. These offices served us and the project well over the years. However, with growth of Excel School, we have run short of rooms on site.

The Business Manager’s office was given to the new headmaster and is being fully used to follow up the academic section of the whole school.

The Project Managers office is also now 99% used by Excel School activities.

The school has grown to demand more office space and we are very grateful for the growth, however, at the same time project activities are being ‘squeezed out’. This is why we feel the need to acquire more office space to coordinate all Tubakunde Project activities, plans, present and future, taking into account extra offices may be needed as a base for field workers such as health workers, mobile dentist, mobile clinic and school-nurse.

God has blessed us with the current classrooms and a chapel which is also mostly used a main hall for exams, assembles, debates, meetings etc. and we still rely on Him for more. We believe that together we can achieve it if we believe and trust in God. (God's will is God's bill) and we should not limit Him who called us to serve His people.

New And Bigger School Bus

When we started Excel School we had no means of transport. God provided us with a mini-bus which was a 14 passenger carrier; it served the school until it was too small. Then, God also blessed us with a 26 seat coaster; however, it also has become small for our population here at Tubakunde and overloading has become a potential problem. As child carers, it is our primary duty to be concerned with the safety of the children as they travel to school and home. We therefore, have a big task of solving this transportation problem.

Special Needs Centre

There is a great need of a facility for children who are born with disabilities here in Rwanda, more especially the northern region where Tubakunde Project is situated. Excel School would like to take part in the training of special needs teachers to help in the Government initiative to improve the situation.

Secondary School

At present the children from P6 move on to various state run secondary schools, depending on the results of the national examinations. It is a long term aim that Excel Nursery and Primary Schools be extended so that secondary education can be offered, allowing children to complete their entire schooling on one site.

Mobile Clinic

Rwanda is going through a development process, all sectors (education, agriculture, health) are being reviewed, all are being developed by the government and other organizations but the health sector stands out as one which needs support in development. We felt a mobile clinic would be a great contribution to the well-being of local people living in villages who still find it hard to have access to health facilities. Only recently a cancer hospital, built by Bill Clinton, has opened but it is already proving to be too small because it is being used as a regional hospital where even Congolese patients are coming for treatment. We strongly believe that prevention is always better than cure and a mobile clinic could be a great opportunity to introduce not only treatment but also help with campaigns that would educate people on how to prevent or control such things as childhood diseases or diabetes.
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