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Pamela HAJNASROLLAH - Co-founder and Project Manager
Pam was born in Northumberland, and on leaving school she trained to be a nursery nurse. After working as a nanny she became a matron at a nursery in Croydon. Unfortunately, at the age of forty, after nursing her husband through cancer, Pam was a childless widow with nothing but her aging parents to keep her in the UK.

Still a relatively young woman she thought long and hard and prayed about what to do next. She felt called to work with deprived children in Africa, specifically in Rwanda. Through church contacts she got a job as a matron at Sonrise boarding school in Musanze Province, Rwanda, and, in 2001, moved to Africa. On witnessing the plight of many orphaned and vulnerable children she decided to start her own child care facility. Incredibly, Pam chose to do this despite gradually losing her hearing to inherited disease.
RULINDA Nathan - Co founder and Project Manager
UWAMUNGU MITIMA Alexandre - Headteacher of Excel School
Malcolm CLARIDGE - Chairman of Trustees
Jean DAWSON - Trustee
Carol (Sue) HEAVER - Trustee
Jill KIRBY - Trustee
Ann PARTLETON - Trustee
Diana ELSDON - Trust Administrator and Treasurer
Mark ELSDON - Trustee and Webmaster
Born in a refugee camp in Uganda after his family had fled the war, Nathan returned to Rwanda to complete his education, qualify in Environmental Health Science and gain experience in building work and management. On meeting Pam, through his uncle the Bishop who was her sponsor at Sonrise, he found he shared her vision to help orphaned and abandoned babies and became a co-founder of the Tubakunde Project.

In December 2014 Nathan married Magnifique, the project’s Administrative Assistant. His mother (always known as Mama Nathan) acts as matron and housekeeper to the school, helping care for the smallest boarders, running the kitchen and organising the cooks, cleaners and so forth.
Alex was born in Rwanda in 1970. He is married with 3 boys and 3 girls, ages ranging from 22 years down to 8 years.

After completing his Senior Six A ‘Levels, Alexandre went on to study at the universities of INES-Ruhengeri where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Following that he went on to further studies for a Post Graduate Diploma in Education in Kigali Institute of Education (KIE).

He has worked for many years in primary teaching and eventually joined Excel School in 2011 as a part-time teacher in French and Kinyarwanda. In January 2014, he was appointed as Head teacher in a full-time capacity.

Alexandre is a committed Christian and enjoys church activities and fellowship. He is a keen reader and researcher of all aspects of education.
Mark was part of Pam's church before she went to Rwanda, and an early supporter of the Tubakunde Project. When the Tubakunde Trust was formed, he became a trustee, and serves as the Trust's webmaster. Mark works in Information Technology. He is a member of the Parochial Church Council at Christ Church, New Malden, and of the Evangelical Alliance.

Sue has known Pam for many years as she attended the same Church. She has been involved in the Tubakunde Project from its inception as a member of the original Committee and now as a Trustee. Sue is a retired teacher and she has been privileged to visit the Project on three occasions both independently and in a team. She has also taught during these visits at Excel School which was a wonderful experience. For many years she has led the Tubakunde South Support Group which meets regularly to support the Project both in fund raising and in prayer.

Jill has known Pam since 1986 when she came to the church in Seaforth Avenue, New Malden, almost 30 years ago. She became a trustee of The Tubakunde Trust in March 2015. With her husband, John, she has supported Pam in many ways since she has been in Rwanda. They had the privilege of going out twice with a team. They live in Horsham, West Sussex and are both retired.

Jean is a retired veterinary dispenser. She has known Pam since 2000, and has made several visits to Rwanda since then, including taking teams from her church, Clifton Parish in York. She has been a trustee since the charity was founded, and is leader of the Northern Support Group. She also has involvement with other projects in Rwanda.

Malcolm and his wife have been friends with Pam for many years. When Tubakunde Trust was established Malcolm became a Trustee and he serves as Chair of the Trust. Malcolm is now retired although he and his wife work for a UK based Christian Charity. They live in a beautiful part of south east England.

Diana is now retired having spent over forty years in the NHS as nurse, midwife and Practice Manager. She met Pam and heard about Tubakunde when they were part of the same church. She joined in the local Tubakunde supporters’ group. When it became obvious that the Project was becoming a victim of its own success, needing more structure in its fundraising and support in the UK, she was a prime mover in the formation of the Tubakunde Trust, a registered charity. She has been Administrator and Treasurer ever since it started in 2012 and runs the Trust from her home.

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