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Musanze, Rwanda

Tubakunde Trust
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The money you give per month, per term or per year will fund school fees, uniform, books, meals and in some cases boarding accommodation. Some children are total orphans with no support from family or state whilst others are vulnerable or from deprived families and require help with providing some of the essentials for life at school. All the money you give will go to your sponsored child and any Gift Aid claimed will help fund running costs in the UK.

Sponsorship should not be undertaken lightly and it is expected that the commitment will be for a child’s whole future attendance at Excel School. Except in extreme cases there are no contingency plans/funds to support children whose sponsor decides not to continue payments. If a problem arises please speak to the Trust Administrator before discontinuing payments.

When you apply to become a sponsor, you can select the level of sponsorship you wish to provide and will be able to express a preference for age-range and gender of child. The Project Leaders (Pam Hajnasrollah and NathanRulinda) will then match you to someone on their list of children needing support.

As we are sure you are aware, where children are concerned there are certain safeguards with which both the sponsor and the charity need to comply for their own safety as well as the child’s. Therefore, we require the Child Protection Policy to be read and signed by all our sponsors. If you have any questions relating to this, please do not hesitate to contact us, we hope you understand why this is so important.

Once sponsorship is set up, you will receive details of your sponsored child and a photograph. We aim where possible for you to receive two or three letters from the child and a teacher’s report each year. It would be appreciated if you could reply to these letters as in addition to your financial support the child you sponsor would like to know about you and life outside Rwanda.

Please contact us for further information on sponsoring a child.
Please see also Sponsoring for information on sponsoring stationery and/or uniforms and gift sponsorship.
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