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The children always need large amounts of pencils, pens and exercise books whilst teachers constantly need chalk. Donations of as little as £5.00 can provide sufficient for a class for a week. Moderate size donations fund printer cartridges, poster paper and "the tacky stuff" for attaching posters to walls.
Textbooks are often shared between several children and quickly become worn. A larger donation can provide sufficient books for each child to have a copy and prevent teachers needing to copy out pages of exercises.
On joining the school, each child receives a set of uniform which comprises two blouses or shirts, grey skirt or shorts and the red top with logo (which is added in Rwanda) of which they are most proud. Children, of course, grow and are extremely hard on their clothes so there is always a need for replacements as well as the need to provide new sets for the increasing numbers on the roll each year.
There are various levels of sponsorship available for both stationery and uniform. When purchased as a gift, to give to your friend or relation, you will receive an appropriate greetings card with details of the charity gift and information about Tubakunde and Excel School. Donations for stationery and books will be sent to Pam and Nathan to buy goods in Rwanda, uniforms are mostly purchased here and sent out. Postage is included in the cost of uniform sponsorships.

Please contact us for further information on sponsoring stationery and/or uniforms or gift sponsorship.

Please see also Sponsor a Child.
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